Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet Fancy Jasper Crystals Arizona Desert Cactus Mountain Lizard Charms

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Hand made to order diffuser bracelet, with crystals and lava stones or rose wood beads to diffuse essential oils on the go for days to come. Just measure the diameter of your wrist/arm where you want the bracelet to stay, keep in mind it has to be big enough to pass your knuckles (it is stretchy but pre-stretched to stay shape).
No two natural stones are the same, each bracelet would be unique, designed and handcrafted with love just for you!
Fancy Jasper (Facet Cut, 7mm):
Manifest Protection, Gentleness, Stability, Intimacy, Will Power, Humor, Calmness, Resolution, Focus, Mindfulness
Facilitate All Chakras and Earth Element

For more about this crystal, reference Love is in the Earth, Healing Crystals and Gemstones, The Book of Stones

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